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Chase’s First and Last Superhero Birthday Party at Our Home

It has been quite some time since my last blog.  Who knew that planning a four year old’s birthday party would totally take me OFF of my blogging game. While I would LOVE to just write one long post that provides an update since the last post, I’d rather save a little bit for the days ahead.  I promise you, between Chase’s recent questions (i.e. Mom, did someone take my boogers?), Chris’ irritation with my natural hair journey (or maybe it’s just the shedding that he doesn’t like… the furry, fuzzy, spirally curls that insist on falling from my head aren’t my fault) or the realization that we are content with two kids only… there is more than enough to share!  However, for now… I wanted to share Chase’s birthday party.

His theme was “Chase’s Superhero Training Camp Birthday Party”… While I did most of the planning on my own (side eye to Chris)… I must say, Dad came through with awesome graphics and day of help.

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