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Ten Basic Reminders All Couples Should Have in Their Phones

Let’s be real, relationships take WORK.  Anyone who tells you marriage is easy is as my mother would say, a bold face liar (regardless of how good they make it look).  I LOVE my husband, but Lord knows I do not always like him.  And while I know he loves me, I KNOW he doesn’t always like me either (silly rabbit).

Marriage takes a lot more than reminders to keep a happy home, but with the haste that life, kids and whatever else you may have in your mix may cause, I have found that reminders help.  And, they’re reminders for a reason.  Sometimes they’re difficult to remember and easy to forget…

That said, here are ten basic reminders all couples should have in their phones. The time you set the reminder for is up to you and your schedule, but I do recommend you set them all as daily reminders.

1. Say “I love you”

Yes, it is understood, but hearing and saying it goes a long way.

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