Chase’s First and Last Superhero Birthday Party at Our Home

It has been quite some time since my last blog.  Who knew that planning a four year old’s birthday party would totally take me OFF of my blogging game. While I would LOVE to just write one long post that provides an update since the last post, I’d rather save a little bit for the days ahead.  I promise you, between Chase’s recent questions (i.e. Mom, did someone take my boogers?), Chris’ irritation with my natural hair journey (or maybe it’s just the shedding that he doesn’t like… the furry, fuzzy, spirally curls that insist on falling from my head aren’t my fault) or the realization that we are content with two kids only… there is more than enough to share!  However, for now… I wanted to share Chase’s birthday party.

His theme was “Chase’s Superhero Training Camp Birthday Party”… While I did most of the planning on my own (side eye to Chris)… I must say, Dad came through with awesome graphics and day of help.

Disregard those long arse strings… I was rushing.  I didn’t have time to cut them or make them all nice and spirally.  Who knew it would take Party City darn near an hour to inflate them for me.  Nonetheless, thank God for great family.  One of Chase’s cousin’s made them nice and purty when she arrived.

The cake… it was so pretty (or I suppose I should say awesome since it’s a superhero cake). I did a poll on my Facebook page asking for the best cake maker in the Maryland, DC, VA area.  I received over 100 responses, however I decided on a lady by the name of Sara. She was amaze balls!  The cake was pumpkin and french almond.  Please, please, please check her out.

Seeing Chase’s face when he walked in was priceless (he spent the night over my line sisters house so that we could get the house ready… the good thing is he was out of the way… the bad thing is, he was severely sleep deprived and nuclear cranky at his own dang party)

In my head, Chase’s party was going to be this great event, at our home with family and friends.  There would be no crying, no tantrums, no fights, no sad faces and no bratty attitudes. Well… the other kids that attended the party lived up to my expectations (I swear all the time I spent planning, this felt like MY party versus Chase’s) however, Chase… he was in rare form.   Aside from punching a little boy in the ear for touching his cake and losing his spider man balls… He was just plain ole’ mean and whiny…

Who spends the majority of their birthday party in timeout? Chase.

Embarrassed is an understatement.  All I kept thinking was, OMG. MY child is the brat at his super extravagant birthday party.  We’ve created a monster…

Meanwhile, as Chase was falling out and fighting, the other kids enjoyed having their faces painted by DeDe of Merry Faces (they rock!).  And, they also had a good time decorating their own super hero capes.  I found them online at S & S Worldwide. I got the kids the large ones.

Oh… in my head, I had a cute little superhero outfit that Amari was supposed to wear. But, for some reason it felt like time was on speed this day.  I didn’t have a chance to dress him up all cute AND I didn’t even have a chance to dress myself up. What a sloppy host! Hence no photos of me lol

After a long time out and playing pin the mask on the super hero (shout out to Dad again for the awesome graphics! Coming to an Etsy near you lol).

The Tumble Bus finally arrived (45mins late by the way…with no call to let me know they were behind… and took the party from 30 – 100 in a matter of seconds.

After an hour of play… we settled back in for cake and ice cream.

The cake got devoured. And the party ended, happily. Aside from Chase’s tantrums and me accidentally throwing the kids’ juice boxes in the trash can (don’t worry, Dad retrieved them smh… they were still in the bag though!) I’d say it was pretty darn successful.  The first and last Superhero birthday party at our home :)

Cake – Cakes by Sara
Face Painting – Merry Faces
Color Me Capes – S&S Wordlwide
Tumblebus – MD Tumblebus
Superhero Graphics – My awesome hubby :)


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  1. Denise Forbes

    AWESOME! My boys birthdays are on the same week! April 3rd and April 5th! I might have to use some of your vendors!!! That last pic is priceless! Great job Mom!

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