Ten Basic Reminders All Couples Should Have in Their Phones

Let’s be real, relationships take WORK.  Anyone who tells you marriage is easy is as my mother would say, a bold face liar (regardless of how good they make it look).  I LOVE my husband, but Lord knows I do not always like him.  And while I know he loves me, I KNOW he doesn’t always like me either (silly rabbit).

Marriage takes a lot more than reminders to keep a happy home, but with the haste that life, kids and whatever else you may have in your mix may cause, I have found that reminders help.  And, they’re reminders for a reason.  Sometimes they’re difficult to remember and easy to forget…

That said, here are ten basic reminders all couples should have in their phones. The time you set the reminder for is up to you and your schedule, but I do recommend you set them all as daily reminders.

1. Say “I love you”

Yes, it is understood, but hearing and saying it goes a long way.

2. Be considerate

Think like he/she thinks. Don’t assume. Ask yourself, how would (insert name) feel if I did or didn’t do (fill in the blank).

3. Send a nice text

You don’t have to send flowers everyday. A small, quick, but thoughtful text out of the blue to say “You rock!” or “You rocked” :) can go a long way.

4. Say please AND thank you!

Seems simple.  We learned how to do this as a child, but when you’re accustomed to someone doing something for you or there’s an expectation that they’ll just do it, saying the above isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind.

5. Put the (fill in the blank) down NOW and have a conversation.

For me, it’s the phone or my laptop. For Chris it’s his comic books or a sneaker site online. For you it might be a remote control or the television, whatever it is, put it down, take a break and talk to each other.

6. Give him/her a hug.

Seems simple but everyone could use a hug every now and then.  Especially after a long day.

7. Remember, no one is perfect, including YOU.

Yes, I would like to think that I’m perfect or that my halo isn’t as crooked as his, but at the end of the day, we are all in the same boat – flawed.

8. Show some interest

It’s easy to seem uninterested when you’re tired, busy or just plain ole not interested at the moment.  This could be interest in his or her body, interest in their hobbies, their conversation, their body language…whatever.

9. Get over IT

Whatever IT is. I set this reminder at night. At the end of the day I am sure there may be something I could hold a grudge about every now and then… People say you shouldn’t go to sleep angry and sometimes that’s challenging, so here’s your reminder!

10. Try harder

Refer to #9 :)



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  1. Aisha

    This post was really good!! I’m usually pretty good with the I love you’s, hugs and please and thank yous but i can definitely brush up on GETTING OVER IT and remembering I’m not PERFECT! Men definitely have quirky and irritating things they do but like you say us women sometimes forget we are pretty darn irritating as well! Especially around that very speciallll time of the month LOL tmi …sorry! Great post *setting reminders now* and *fwding the email* :-)

    • EuniqueJG

      You know they say women catch on faster than men… I think that’s why it’s easy for us to forget that we’re not perfect either 😛 And there is no such thing as TMI on this blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shakirah

    I’m not married (yet) and don’t have any babies (yet). But being in a relationship is the opportunity to set the foundation of what your marriage will be. There are moments when my significant other and I get bombarded with work, friends and serving God that we forget to put each other first. It’s not intentional, it just happens. This is such a great reminder. Aisa, I’m with you on remembering I’m not perfect and neither is my boyfriend. I could do better with allowing him to be human and flawed. I’m proactively working on this. I also need to work on getting over it. Life is way too short to get irritated over minor things that won’t even be remembered in an hour.

    Thanks for the reminder. I love this post. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to remind my sweetie of how amazing he is.

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